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Cruise Asia-Pacific for the tropical sun, local delicacies, native smiles, non-stop entertainment and great shopping bargains.

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Cruise Asia-Pacific Waters for a Whole New Experience
The warm waters of Asia-Pacific is something to experience. The land, a place to explore. Find yourself amazed with centuries old culture, tradition and lifestyles when you board one of Star Cruises' famed cruise ships. We'll bring you to the shores of virgin jungle contrasting against modern skyscrapers. Cruise Asia-Pacific for the tropical sun, local delicacies, native smiles, non stop entertainment and great shopping bargains.
It's definitely a new experience!

Asia-Pacific Today
Friendly smiles greet you in Asia-Pacific. Sandy beaches and the tropical sun tempt you to sit by the sea all day. Historical sites will educate you about the past. Religious ceremonies will awe you into a trance. Local delicacies will get you cringing for more. More shopping spots will give you the best bargains in this part of the world. So much to discover, so much to see and so much to do in a land we call home. Cruise Asia-Pacific for exhilarating moments and for a memorable time.

So much to enjoy for so much less
Our first class treasure ships are fully equipped with the latest in entertainment and facilities. A list of endless activities, places to visit and cuisines to savor from all over the world are available around the clock. You can utilize all our amenities or you can do nothing at all. From computer games to movies, from ballroom dancing to karaoke, from cabaret shows to a massage, from a day in the gym to night parties, there's always something to do onboard any one of our ships. Cruising with us will see you stretching your traveling budget all the way to the end of Asia-Pacific. You'll save on airfares, hotels, transfers and trips to restaurants because you'll find everything you'll ever need onboard Star Cruises fleet. It's something for you to experience to believe that cruising with us will help you save while traveling more.

Voyage into the East
Travel to Asia-Pacific in comfort leaving your stress and workload or worries behind. Let your mind be at peace while you stay afloat the open seas. A great way to get away and one way to relax in solitude. Go to bed after enjoying all the amenities and services provided and wake up in another part of the world the next morning.


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