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Star Cruises Gemini Ex Phuket & Malaysia

Length: 163.81 m
Width: 22.5 m
Cruising Speed: 18.4 knots
Maximum Speed: 21.5 knots
Crew: 470
Tonnage: 19,089 approx.
Stabilizers: 2

Superstar Gemini Itinerary
Tariff 2017-18
Facilities on Board Cabins
November 2018 till April 2019
11th November 2018 - 28th April 2019

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Asia-Pacific leading cruise line brings you the newly refurbished Super Star Gemini. After a multi-million facelift, she looks as bright and cheery as ever. Journey with her as she makes her way across the high seas. Experience a level of pampering that you've probably only ever dreamed of, for at your beck and call will be one of the region's best crews.

Asian cruise line SuperStar Gemini at Phuket & Port Klang, from 11th November 2018 through to 28 April 2019.

SuperStar Gemini will embark on three-night cruises to Malaysia premier beach town Langkawi and departing to Exotic Cultural City to Penang, departing every week..

On board the ship, guests can enjoy an inclusive gastronomic journey with up to six complimentary meals daily or dine at a choice of more than restaurants and bars, boasting a variety of international cuisines freshly prepared by award-winning chefs.

Our track record is impeccable, your safety and comfort assured. The more time you spend on board, the more you'll realize how your spend on board, the more you'll realize how your stress and worries have mysteriously disappeared.

So go ahead, let yourself go and let your dreams take flight. Let us surprise you, over and over again, with the wonders of this island odyssey.


With inviting facilities and faultless service, you'll find yourself totally immersed in the experience. For even as SuperStar Gemini sails the high seas, you might well be planning your own little journey.

The Jacuzzi and the Library are at your disposal if relaxation is your goal, as is a soothing massage. But if you're after something rather more active, you might want to sweat it out at our Universe Fitness Center.Star Bar

Alternatively, you could be entertained with live music at the band stand, or challenge old and new friends alike to a game of shuffleboard.

Later you'll find that nightfall presents a whole new dimension of activities, from leisurely al fresco dining to the rather more formal Captain's Dinner. Move on for a post-dinner cocktail at Bar Gemini and a karaoke session in the Karaoke Lounge, or perhaps treat yourself to superb entertainment drawn from the best of international comedy, dance and music at the Galaxy of the Stars.

All in all an incredible cruise experience, and that's just the first day...




Ocean View Stateroom
Ocean View Stateroom
Floor Area: 13 sq. m

 Ocean View Stateroom with Window:
Ocean View Stateroom with window
Floor Area: 14.5 sq. m

Inside Stateroom
Inside stateroom
Floor Area: 12.2 sq. m

Junior Suite
Junior Suite
Floor Area: 15 sq. m

Executive Suite
Executive suite
Floor Area: 20 sq. m


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